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About Us

Empowering businesses to succeed while enriching the community.


The Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce is known as one of most powerful business groups in the area. As a resource for business owners, executives and professionals, our goal is to connect, enrich and develop business through dynamic events, committees, seminars and marketing opportunities which will help your business be a success. We believe that businesses that work together are stronger than those who do it alone.

Given the right tools and support, any business can be successful, which is why we focus on advocacy, promotion and community involvement.  The Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce is a partner with every business and every professional, helping them on the path to success.



Since 1931, the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce has been considered one of the largest, most influential business groups in the area.  It is a voluntary group of business leaders with a vested interest in improving the economic, civic and cultural well being of the area.

In 1990, the Peabody Chamber of Commerce filed the Articles of Organization with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to form an active support resource for all those business and professional interests in Peabody, committed to promoting member businesses, providing business, government and community information and resources to member organizations, and being an involved corporate citizen in the community.

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