The Americans with Disabilities Act celebrates 25 years of removing barriers and empowering people.

For businesses planning to purchase a building or make improvements, general law states that there shall be no construction, reconstruction, alteration or remodeling of a public building unless the building conforms and is adaptable for physically handicapped persons.  In general, there is a threshold of cost of improvements to the overall value of the building which moves accessibility from being option to mandatory.  There are different requirements based on building type/use.

Many of the requirements are easily made and have no cost impact to the property/business owner, but can make a monumental difference in peoples lives as well as make your business more welcoming and accessible.

The Architectural Access Board (AAB) is a regulatory agency within the Massachusetts Office of Public Safety. Its legislative mandate states that it shall develop and enforce regulations designed to make public buildings accessible to, functional for, and safe for use by persons with disabilities.  Click Here for a listing of rules and regulations by building type.

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