Program of Work

The Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce manages an active advocacy program combining research, surveys, government relations and communications.  Through its Board of Directors  and Government Affairs Committee, the Peabody Area Chamber has forged key relationships with elected officials and leaders of government agencies, making it an advocate for the business community.
The Chamber’s Government Affairs & Economic Development Committee encourages elected officials to work with the business community to bolster the local economy and improve competitiveness.  We encourage cooperation and partnerships among government, education, business and civic groups.  Each year your Chamber's Government Affairs Committee outlines goals and objectives based on the following guidelines.

The issues addressed by the Government Affairs Committee are those that:

- Involve or pertain to the business community as a whole
- Impact more than a substantial portion of the Chamber membership

- Influence the overall economic development of the area

- Impact an entire business sector such as manufacturing, services or tourism/retail

- Impact the entire business climate

Public positions and support statements will be given when the issues meet the above guidelines.  For those issues that don't meet the above guidelines, we offer assistance by providing appropriate networking contacts with other stakeholder organizations, government agencies, representatives or community leaders.