Optimize Your Event Marketing

Pictured:  Deanne Healey, Peabody Area Chamber; Phyllis Freeman and Mike Tarby, PIP NE

Each month at Power UP! the Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce connects you to other business professionals who can become your customer or a referral source.  The event also features a guest speaker who shares their area of expertise.

This month PIP New England, a leader in marketing, signs and print media, shared tips on how to get the most out of a trade show event.  This is a very important topic whether you are doing a table top display at a small networking event or a full blown booth at a national trade show.  All too often we see tables have no staff present, employees sit and talk to each other, people on phones, etc. followed by the comment "the event didn't work for us".

Well, according to PIP NE the work starts long before the show.

Pre Show

Prime the Pump
High expectations accompany trade shows and events, so you can't begin too early when it comes to marketing,  Get a jump on success with pre-show activities that:

  • Generate Awareness
  • Build Anticipation
  • Drive Traffic
  • Secure Appointments

Create an integrated marketing campaign that aligns your business objectives and budget.  Use a combination of direct mail, website, social media and email to tell people where to find you at the event, what they can expect to see or receive a gift for stopping by.

At the Show

The Day has Arrived.
It's the main event, and success now rests on your At Show activities. Set your brand apart by raising the bar at every marketing opportunity.  Remove the chairs from your booth so staff is standing and ready to interact.  Send at least 2 people so they can take turns with breaks, but keep the booth staffed.  Graphics, booth giveaways and enticing displays naturally attract attention and make it easy to get people to stop.

Post Show

The Show may Be Over but the Opportunities are Not.
Keep the leads alive with post show marketing activities.  Develop a targeted email campaign, send a direct mail or email promotion or offer as a follow up, update social media channels with post show content.

"The average event marketing campaign relies on almost 6 channels to optimize results"
according to Business 2 Community.

If you would like to learn more about how PIP NE can help you increase marketing, rein in costs and prove a return on investment, call (978) 774-6704.


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